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Minotaur's Nest

Dragon Nest SEA has announced that it will soon release its PvP System, increase of level cap and along with that is the Minotaur's Nest. So in this preview of the said nest, I will discuss some points to consider.


Minotaur's Nest is one of the Nest Dungeons on Dragon Nest. These Nests differ from ordinary dungeon instances in a sense that you cannot just run around like cute little Hounds for if you do, you will surely get your character knocked-out in less than a minute. No exaggeration intended.

So, how do these Nest Dungeons really differ and offer a greater challenge?

  • There's no other mode of difficulty but Abyss. So, better get your friends geared before going in and a full party of four is highly recommended.
  • Harder enemies await and an even harder boss waiting to slay your party
  • In some versions of DN, you can only enter a limited time per day like for example you can enter a total of seven (7) runs a week wherein you can use all those in a day.
  • Certain item restrictions are implemented
Now you know the basics, let's get over to the real point of this thread.


Minotaur's Nest
Having the name implied, yeah, this is the place of Minotaurs along with their allies and home to General Ummanba. The said nest is located at Lower Ridge.

But before that, you must first complete a quest to be given by at Calderock Village. Do note that you have to be level 24. The quest, if not changed in Dragon Nest SEA, is entitled Red Alert.

After having completed the quest you will be given as reward the Red Army Commander Seal which will serve as an entry pass every time you want to enter Minotaur's Nest. This item can also be looted from an Abyss Bunny.

Red Army Commander Seal

Be warned though that in entering this Nest, you will be kissing the floor at times due to minotaurs hammering all over the place. With that said, let me give you some pointers to remember.

Entrance Path
Entrance Path will only consist of two (2) Minotaurs for a warm-up. You don't wanna be surprised with twenty of them running straight at you at the start, do you now?

Round 1 and 2
Round one will primarily be composed of about ten (10) Minotaurs and a few of them are armored making it a bit of a challenge. And you thought that was it? Here comes round two and you will be seeing a larger mob of them with the same combination of armored and non-armored Minotaurs. Yeah, they also came prepared.

Round 3
Those rounds were easy-peasy and pretty straightforward, right? Moving on to round three and you this will be where the real challenge starts. On this canto, you will be beaten... I mean get to beat a mob of Minotaurs, a Red Orc Warrior, a Blue Orc Mage and to top it off, four (4) annoying Brethren Shamans.

With personal experiences with these Brethren Shaman, they will shoot lightning bolts at you a hundred times and I guess you know how to dodge them. Accompanied with a healer, the Blue Orc Mage, I suggest that you must annihilate that first so that you will not waste time having to deal damage to an enemy only for it to be healed by the said mage. Then off with the shamans so that they will not cause further electrocution that incapacitates your character every 5 seconds and hereafter, slay the Minotaurs.

Round 4
Fun is just beginning as round four starts, you will be meeting with two (2) mini-boss Minotaurs along with two (2) gymnasts, Dark Elves with special attacks. One of the elves, will cast a haste buff (glowing red during cast phase), the other will cast an AoE slow debuff, which will almost always hit you (glows blue during cast phase). So before they could cast that, make them flinch by using a skill to cancel their casting. You should mainly focus on the two mini-bosses as if you tried to killed an elf, they will just be replaced by another upon death. So stop wasting your time with them.
Round 5
You will now get to meet General Ummanba and his level is at 24 and my suggestion here is don't stop and just give him all you've got. You'll get through, I hope.


These rewards can be used to craft Epic items that of the Elf Queen's Set (Minotaur's Set) which will be discussed on a different post.

That covers the discussion on the Minotaur's Nest and I hope you learned the basics about it before adventuring out to a place unknown to you.



is it possible to solo this quest with all job?

There are people w/ various characters who have soloed the Nest though the particular job is from the Cleric tree.

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