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Cerberus Nest

Cerberus Nest is a new level 32 instance with 5 stages. Killing the boss you could gather some materials which could be made into Cerberus sets. A GM of Chinese Dragon Nest has posted a review about this new instance, which attracted many players. Now most of my in-game friends are working hard to try to reach lv 32. The following are the reivew, and at the same time it could be regarded as a guide.

How to enter the Cerberus Nest

1. You need to reach at least lv 32;
2. You need to get the ticket:
  • Dark Overlord's Heraldry (Abyss Mode)
  • Dark Overlord's Amulet (Hell Mode)
When your character reaches Lv. 32, you can get the related Cerberus quest from the NPC in Saint Haven . You will receive a Nest Entry Card (Dark Overlord's Amulet) from him. This Dark Overlord's Heraldry can be obtained through the Dimensional Rabbit Chest from various Lv. 31 Abyss Dungeons.

Similar to the Red Army Commander Seals of the Mino Nest, these Dark Overlord's Heraldry can be traded too. You can enter the Nest 5 times per week. As long as you don’t kill the final Cerberus Boss, the nest won’t be counted. Upon killing it, it will drop a Dark Overlord's Heraldry, which is a Nest Entry Card to enter the Cerberus Nest (Abyss Mode).The Dark Overlord's Amulet can be obtained through finishing the Cerberus Nest (Abyss Mode) upon the chest that spawns after the fight.

You may also finish the unique Daily Achievement which will ask you to pass a random Abyss Instance. Check out the following pic:

Click "L" and choose the last list- Event Achievement. In the Daily Achievement list , you could find a sepacial one with unique icon. That's the Cerberus Nest Seal Achievement. It will show you what Abyss Instance to finish.

After finishing the Abyss, you could go to your mailbox to get the Dark Overlord's Amulet.

3. The Cerberus Nest is in the Skirt of Black Mountain. (Later we will provide the detailed map)

Five Stages of Cerberus Nest:

First Stage. You could see two guards in the gate: Minotaurs. Easy to clean up! In Hell Mode, there will be additional Orc Guards that will appear.

Second Stage. You will meet a sea of monsters and another mini-boss. Pay attention to the Goblin Ninjas. Their bombs will ruin you.

Third Stage. You will see a Shaman surrounded by skeleton fighters. You need to clear all the skeletons so that you could attack the Shaman. After that the Shaman will summon more monster, but you don't need to care about them. Just focus on the Shaman. When the Shaman dies, all the summons will disappear.

Fourth Stage. There are three gates which will summon the monsters. At first just Goblins, then Orcs, and finally there will be more elite monsters with superarmors. This really needs strategies!

Fifth Stage. The key problem is that after you kill one elite monster, you have 10 secs to kill the other one, otherwise the dead one will revive.In Hell Mode, you only have 5 seconds.

Sixth Stage. You got Cerb'ed!

Cerberus Skills

Pouncing Attack: When players are rather far away from the boss, it will lower its body and then pounce towards the player.
How to dodge:The prior action of the pounce is quite obvious. It is easy to dodge by dodging sideways.

Raging Howl: The 3 heads will close their eyes while contracting their body. Then they will release a strong howl that forces players away from him.
How to dodge:The damage of this skill is extremely low. You don’t really have to dodge the skill anyway. Of course, players can use strong Paralyze Resistant skills to prevent themselves from being blown away.

Claw Attack: If you are facing the Boss right in front, you will see his left paw being moved behind followed by a huge frontal sweep.
How to dodge:By staying at the right side of the Boss, you will not be hit. If not, simply use your dodge.

Clap: The Boss will raise its left or right paw high, and slam it down.
How to dodge:When the boss is preparing this attack, simply by moving away is sufficient.

Back Kick: Using its hind legs to make a big sweep on his back.
How to dodge:Stay beside the Cerberus, the middle portion closer to the front.

Revolving Kick: The boss will suddenly jump up and turn in circles, and deal huge damage (DNB: I have cleared this Nest numerous times and I have never ever seen this skill before).
How to dodge:This skill rarely appears, and the damage isn’t that high. Those who get hit by this, it is just your luck.

Fireball: Coughs out numerous fireballs in a fan shape manner. It comes from the head of the boss on your right.
How to dodge:Never ever stand right in front of the head, you can easily get killed instantly. You can easily avoid these fireballs by going to the left side. If not, simply look for where the fireballs are coming, and move yourself away from them. The fireballs are rather slow.

Dark Lightning: The head of the boss in the middle coughs out a long range frontal dark lightning in a straight line.
How to dodge:Not really a strong damage skill, the AOE isn’t that big either. Stay away from the middle and you should be safe. If not, dodge sideways to dodge the attack.

Ice BallShoots out 2-4 homing ice balls that freezes players upon hit.
How to dodge:Theoretically speaking all players will receive an ice ball from this skill, but some may disappear suddenly. Just continue moving away from the Ice Ball at one direction and you will never be hit.

Falling Lightning: Prior to casting this skill, the Boss will raise its frontal half body and slam its paws on the ground heavily. It will turn the sky dark and summons numerous lightning hits from the sky around him.
How to dodge:The damage is rather high. As long as you are extremely close, or extremely far from the boss, you will not be hit. Take note that its paw slamming skill can be avoided by jumping if you are close to it.

Falling IceThe Boss will emit blue light from itself, and summon various ice shards to fall on the ground targeting 1-3 players’ positions. The ice shards will stay on the ground for a certain time before disappearing. Upon touching these ice shards will reduce your HP and speed.
How to dodge:When you see the blue light emitting, start moving and don’t ever follow your team members. If you are following so closely to your team member, you may get all the ice hits on yourself.

Volcano EruptionWhen the Boss emits red light and some flames from him, it will soon be bursting flames all around him. The damage is extremely high.
How to dodge:Notice that the boss will first close its eyes, followed by contracting its body with flames around him. Run away from him immediately, tumble/blink/dash/slide whatever you can do. After about 3 seconds, it will summon flames all around him (similar to EL’s Firewall).

When the Boss left 1 bar of HP, it will summon various hounds. These hounds can be quite painful with their bites and pouncing attacks. They will revive after the die too. So focus all your firepower on the boss!

HELL MODE: For Normal Mode, the Boss will only use its elemental attacks when it loses 1 bar of its HP. However in Hell Mode, the elemental attacks start immediately. The frequency of these attacks is rather high too. Hence, players will have lesser chance to get close to the Boss. Its damage will be raised to 4-5 times than the Normal Mode Boss.

Lightning ChargeIt will summon several balls of lightning right in front of it.
How to dodge:Don’t ever stay right in front of him for long.

Ice MistChannels a mist of ice right in front of it.
How to dodge:Don’t ever stay right in front of him for long.

Fire RunSimilar animation as Volcano Eruption, but this time it will run forward and leaves flames behind him.
How to dodge:Don’t ever stay right in front of him for long.

1. As mentioned above, Epic Accessories will drop from various Bosses (Likely to be Minos and Cerberus).
2. Epic powders to craft various prefix effects.
3. Materials to craft the Cerberus Equipment Set, like Cerberus Skin.
4. Ancient equipment. (Ancient Armors from Normal Mode, Ancient Weapons from Hell mode.)
5. Epic Heraldry Enhancement Plates, and Special Skill Heraldry Plates (Dark Lightning, Ice Ball, Fireball).


Abyss Mode is the NORMAL mode. Hell Mode is the "Abyss" Mode. Do you really know about the nest?

Hey there Anon 10/15 4:30.

Normal is the Abyss Mode. Hell mode is a different mode. Now, would you kindly tell yourself your second sentence? I think it does apply well to you.

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