Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Title Collection Book Page 4 and 5

Title Collection Book Page 4 and 5
by NightKen [ source ]

"Almost Won the lotto", move over here's the new title that will rock DN SEA

Found on Page 4 & 5 of your Title Collection Book
To go to Collection book press "P" then click "Title" and on the 2nd tab click "Collection Book"
Page 4 - Party of four title Bible: This Title requires you to finish dungeons in a party of 4
Leadership of Society - Str+ 20 AGI+20 INT+18 VIT+15 AtkP+30~30 MagkA+30~30
I added Pictures for you to remember which dungeons and which boss are there in that map

Harpy Hunter - Clear dungeon with 4 people in a party  - Sigh Canyon Abyss (bunny hunt) Crystal Stream
Sigh Canyon
Gargoyle Master - Clear dungeon with 4 people in a party - Forest Sanctuary Abyss Gray ruins
Forest Sanctuary

Minotaur's Threat - Clear dungeon with 4 people in a party  - Sleepers Temple  Abyss - Lower Ruins, Forgotten Temple ( you need Bailey Heraldy Scholars "into  the Abyss Quest")

Cowbell Carrier - Clear dungeon with 4 people in a party  - Catacombs Hall Abyss - Wind forest, Catacombs Entrance

Ogre Hunter - Clear dungeon with 4 people in a party  Road of No Return Abyss

Reaper - Finish in a party of four without any deaths Death Basin abyss

Manticore Slaughterer - Finish in a party of four without any deaths Prayers Resting Place Abyss

Nobility – Finish in a party of four without any deaths Road of No return Master
Page 5 - Speed Play Technique: You need to be fast for this one you can clear this alone or with a party
Speed Terminator - Str+ 20 AGI+20 INT+18 VIT+15 AtkP+30~30 MagkA+30~30

Sprint Instinct - Clear Abyss Dungeon Raider Ambush Point Abyss in 15 mins

Endless - Clear Abyss Dungeon Church Ruins Abyss 20 mins

Berserker - Clear Abyss dungeon Sanctuary Core 20 Mins

Ambush Detector - Raider Ambush Point Master 15 mins

Lightning Fast - Clear Death Basin Master within 20 Mins

Magical - St. Haven, Dark Mines Clear Master within 15 mins updated . finished this with a party much quicker

Hula Hooper - St. Haven, Abandoned Welton Hollow Clear Master within 15 Mins ( updated i finsish this with a party more quicker)

Rolling Master - St. Haven, Forsaken Islet - Clear Master within 15 mins ( Update - Yeah!! I just did get to level 26 and get the comission board Quest and the abyss dungeon appeared in my dungeon acheivement list allowing me to get this title ) 
Feel free to comment. No flaming please. for pages 1-3 just put in a requset here, if i have free time i may be able to update this.
IMPORTANT NOTE: you need to have this titles in your Dungeon Acheivement List. You can view your Dungeon acheivement list by pressing "L" in game.
For abyss dungeons: you need to do Bailey Heraldy Scholar Side Quest "into the Abyss I & II"
For Party Dungeons : I finished this being the "party leader" in all quests. if your having problems try being the party leader since the title itself says "Leadership of Society"

Credits to DragonNest Wiki for the pictures

All Dungeon names are exclusively for DN SEA


hi there :) this is a very useful material
if you can, can you make a tutorial about pages 1 - 3 as well?

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