Friday, December 9, 2011

Elemental Lords's Hell Fire

When you thought Fire/Ice Shield of Elemental Lords are imbalance that makes you QQ all around at the Colosseum, see this update along with the upcoming update to Dragon Nest SEA. Well, it is beneficial to future Seleana's who'd be dwelling on their fire attacks.


Hi Reinhart,

I was just wondering, have you ever got the chanceto ask ADDISON KANG or any idea if the DUO-ULTIMATE Patch is already implemented in DN SEA. Duo-ultimate is that we can get the 2 Level 40 skills. A reply would greatly appreciated. Love your work by the ways. Keep it up. Thumbs up for a great job.

Heya Alrdrich, I will try to ask Mr. Kang regarding the duo-ultimate patch if it is already in the current version of SEA. But as I see it, duo-ultimate patch is yet to be implemented in SEA as I have seen that I cannot learn the skill Eraser w/o having to learn it's pre-requisites. :)

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