Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mr. K Barbarian PVE and SDN Skill Build

Mr. K (K同学) is one of the strongest Barbarian in DN CN. He is also the leader of one of the strongest guild in DN CN : FairyTail

He shared his Barbarian build recently, especially for PVE and Sea Dragon Nest (SDN) :

Just for the history, he is the leader of the first party to slay the sea dragon legitly in china.

A few important notes made by him:

  1. Taunting howl is recommended to be at lvl10, Level 11 also give the same damage reduction (-20%). Devastating howl lv1 combined with Taunting howl lv10, will give the most powerful debuff in dragon nest: 100% attack reduction. Even Sea Dragon is not immune to it.
  2. Stomp EX is not necessary at all.
  3. Rising Slash is not necessary.

Skill Plates
Gravity Ball
Circle Swing (-CD)
Devastating Howl ( - CD)
Bone Crash (+ duration)
Whirlwind (+ damage)

And finally, drool at his stats and imba Sea Dragon set:

Sea Dragon Axe+13

Sea Dragon Gauntlet +13

According to him, his set is not even optimized yet.

He can reach 12000 phy attack soon if he optimized his gear potential.



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